Thursday, February 14, 2019

CETME L in the US

Not Star, but Spanish so some of you may be interested in this.

Some years back, the Spanish replaced almost all of their CETME Ls with locally made G36s. They really, really leaned into this, as the old guns were sold off, and a good number of them made it to the US, as parts kits.

G36s, unknown shotguns, and a Z84 on a Spanish VBSS team in a RHIB.

A few have been assembled one way or another, but now someone has gone way over the top, and not just re-assembled them legally but made a lot of new parts including all new furniture! Detailed discussion of them on this forum, with many photos, here:

The CETME A and C became the G3 rifle when the Germans adopted the design, and have many interchangeable parts. The CETME L on the other hand, despite being roller locked, has no interchangeability with the HK33 series. The receiver, and cocking tube, are square for example.

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