Sunday, February 5, 2023

Buffers for PDs

I've added more to the buffers section on the info page. First off: if you have a PD you need a buffer. This is not optional, and if you haven't changed the buffer on your gun or aren't sure, then it is time to read the rest of this and get one right away. 

Disassembly of the recoil guide rod for buffer replacement

The buffer is required to keep down frame battering not just because aluminum, but short slide. Note how modern compact pistols work, with their multiple springs. Same thing, different answer, and they also have fairly short spring replacement cycles. Which people also ignore, and their guns don't even work then. Short slides are finicky, maintain them. 

Anyway, the buffers for years were unavailable, the Jack First made them, then he went out of business but now The Gun Garage does them again. Unclear if the same ones (since Jack First was selling that business) or a new product, but same effect. 

I also have added notes about faking it with a 1911 buffer if you want to do that instead.

Thursday, February 3, 2022

My Email is Broken

I have been ignoring this because you all don't send /that/ much, and it must be able to get fixed but no. Now like 2 months of the website working, and email not. 

Been 25 years since I did serious sysadmin work, the friend I have to do this is only sorta into it and only sorta has time, so... broken. Dunno why. Baffling. 

So if you must send me something, just use my personal email for now

Try to say something about "Star Firearms Question" or just have your model name or something else explicit in the subject line so I don't get too confused as to what it is about. 

Thursday, October 7, 2021

PD Buffers Going Away, or Are They?

Apparently some small shop or individual guy makes the new-production, modern-technology buffers that let us all shoot our PDs without cracking them. 

He's now looking to retire and either will stop production or someone will get the business to make them from him. 

So, snap up the ones you need now

Or, if you want a small business making polymer things, try to contact the guy and see what he wants for it. I am not a member of the forum but have my own ideas if anyone does get in touch:

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

BM Parts

 J&G has a smallish selection of parts for pretty good prices, including important and hard to find bits like the slide stop, and grip screws, but sadly no extractors or ejectors. They even have full slides and frames so I assume the big surplus order they got had lots of unserviceable guns and this is the leftovers after they put together some parts guns. 

While you are there, get a box to complete your gun also.

My search for a Super slide stop lever continues however.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Star Pistol "Parts Kits"

Long ago a good way to get parts of obscure guns was to go to the local gunsmith, who would have many drawers or boxes or Akro bins with half a gun laying in them. Dozens of guns See, at least in some parts of the country, up through the mi-90s at least, when police departments seized guns and couldn't find their owner, they often would have to by law destroy them, but they'd have a gunsmith in town do that, and he'd negotiate to do that cheap or free by keeping the parts after the frame was legally destroyed.

Well, something like it is back!

A place I have never heard of before, Every Gun Part, has a lot of what must be these things still, for all sorts of manufacturers. Enough they have a dozen Star kits. No idea how long that'll last, but they have them now!

If desperate for parts, this may be good way to go. Naturally, no B Super for me! And... they have a model "SA" (it appears to be a Super S) so, use caution ordering, look close at the photos and don't trust their labels.